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I was excited when my husband and I adopted our mixed breed dog Sammie a few years ago. She was friendly, beautiful, and smart. She was so friendly that she never wanted to stay at home. Whenever she saw our neighbors doing something in their yards, she always ran to see what they were up to. Unfortunately, her eagerness wasn’t always appreciated by our neighbors. If you have a free spirited furry friend like Sammie, consider enrolling him or her in a pet training course. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. On this blog, you will learn how to locate the best pet training course offerings in your area.



3 Things You Need To Teach Your Dog If You Want Them To Protect You

If you want your dog to protect you, you are going to need to start teaching your dog when they are a puppy. You are going to need to start with basic obedience commands and tricks before you move onto more advanced commands. It takes a lot of time and patience to teach a dog how to be a protection dog. It is possible though, if you are willing to invest the time in training and connecting with your dog.

Start with the Basic Commands

Before you can turn your dog into a protection dog, you need to start with the basic commands. Some of the most basic commands include teaching your dog to respond to their name and follow instructions such as sit, lie down, and leave it.

You are going to have to be consistent to get your dog to learn these basic commands. Try to teach your dog when their leash is not on so that your dog learns to listen to these commands regardless of if they have a leash on or not.

Let Your Dog Socialize

Next, if you want your dog to become a protection dog, you need to allow your dog to socialize with other people and dogs. Letting your dog socialize will help ensure that your dog is not fearful and anxious when they are in new situations. A dog that has anxiety when they meet new people and are put into new situations is not going to be able to protect you.

Allow your dog to interact with their surroundings when you take them for a walk. Take your dog to the dog park so they can be around other dogs. Allow your dog to go to a park or beach and learn about what balls look like. Expose your dog to as much as you can when the dog is young.

Teach Your Dog When to Bark

You are going to want to teach your dog when to bark if you want your dog to protect you. Barking can be one of the most effective ways to scare away a stranger and keep yourself safe.

Encourage your dog to bark when they see a stranger, and then have your dog sit down after they bark. That way, they learn to bark in a controlled manner and don't chase every stranger they see.

Work on this all the time. Teach your dog to bark when they see someone strange approaching, and teach them to stay still. You don't want to teach your dog to attack strangers; this can lead to issues and harm. Instead, train your dog how to bark robustly on command. This is one of the best ways to turn your puppy into a protection dog.

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